Faust wand - Gold - 35 cm

Sovereign, Epic Armoury
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There is nothing more alluring than Epic Armoury's Gold Faust Wand. This magical wand is embellished by a golden dragon's head and outlined in silver with a teal grip. The golden wand has the gold dragon's powers infused within its body and is not intended for just any simple mage.

This incredible 35 cm wand has a wooden rod painted in gold inserted into a lavishly detailed polyurethane grip. As a high mage, you will appreciate how it feels in your hand and how efficiently you can harness its true powers.


Epic Armoury Wands are designed to be versatile and easy to use for any character. These stylish magical wands are perfect for LARPers or Cosplayers and require little maintenance. The polyurethane foam grip is handpainted, revealing a highly detailed finish with unmatched durability. The wood shaft and the grip can be separated or interchanged between other Epic Armoury wood-core wands allowing for customization or the ability to replace a broken tip.

  • Technical details
    • EAN -number
    • Brand
      Epic Armoury
    • Type
    • Colour
    • Core
    • Weight
      57 grams / 2,01 oz
    • Length
    • Grip Length
    • Head Length
    • Handle Circ
    • Released
    • Release date
    • Universe
  • Quality
    • Polyurethane wand offers a firm and ergonomic grip with no maintenance
    • Polyurethane is made from a plastic that is durable and also incredibly light
    • Highly detailed and hand painted design
    • Durable and bendable steel core allows for the wand to be bent into different shapes

    This product is handmade and hand-painted and therefore unique. As a result, when compared with similar item numbers, this product can have natural deviations in pattern, colour and shape, which are not considered defects or faults.
    We produce our image material in a natural environment, where lighting and surroundings can affect colors and contrast. The displayed images may therefore appear different from the product you receive from us.

    Measurements are all in cm if not stated otherwise.

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