The Story so far...

“In 2013 a viral outbreak occurred in Copenhagen. The dangerous Z-08 virus turned large portions of the population into mindless, flesh-eating zombies. In an attempt to evacuate the city, Local authorities created a network of safe zones that survivors could navigate through in order to reach the evacuation areas of the city. The plan worked and ensured the safety of thousands of it citizens.

Afterwards the world settled into the new reality where the living dead became a part of everyday life.

In 2017 Scientists at the Danish Center for Virus and Contagious diseases (DCVC) made a startling discovery. The Z-08 virus had evolved into an airborne strain, infecting the entirety of the Danish population within months, this strain was designated Z-11. Thankfully the Z-11 strain was inert in its airborne state only capable of infecting but not mutating people into flesh eating zombies.

This all changed in September 2018 reports came in from across the countryside of citizens randomly and rapidly turning into zombies and attacking others. A new outbreak seemed to be occurring. However, rumors began to spread about an Anti-virus being developed, today you venture out from your home to make your way to the designated anti-virus handout or risk becoming part of the living dead…”


The Zombie Run

The Zombie run is a yearly recurring, experience run that mixes trail running with light roleplaying, that tries to give the illusion of runners making their way through a zombie apocalypse.

The core idea is to mix trail running with LARP concepts to provide an experience that both trail runners and people interested in role-playing can enjoy and participate in.





How the Zombie Run functions

People can sign up to be either a Runner or as a Zombie each offering very different and unique experiences.

The Zombie Run is a 5km route that is dotted with participants acting as zombies that the runners must avoid while completing the run.

The runners start the run from the starting area which acts as a set-piece with sounds, actors and props in-order to immerse the runners in the Zombie apocalypse experience.

The Zombies start from the finishing line and slowly make their way towards the starting line, making them intersect with the runners at some point during the run.

The Zombie Run as a Runner

The Zombie run is still a trail run and Runners try to complete the course in the best time possible, but with a few caveats.

As a runner you are given 3 pieces of barricade tape that you will have to put around your waist. One on each side and one in the back. These represent your lives. While running you will have to avoid Zombies trying to steal your lives while also completing the route.

If the Runner loses a life they are forced to run a penalty lap, before they can finish the race. The amount of penalty laps needed are increased with the amount of lives lost.


The Zombie Run as a Zombie

As a Zombie you walk through the same route as the Runners but from the opposite end. Your main goal is to steal the Runner’s lives and make sure to scare the Runners while looking sufficiently Zombie-like while doing it.





The Environment and Zombie Set-pieces

Vallensbæk mose is a swampy and often slippery terrain with dirt roads, tall grass and somewhat steep inclines and banks surrounding a lake area, it is this terrain that Runners will have to traverse on a pre-defined path. Dotted around this path will be various instances where Zombies will be standing or hiding in place, ready to scare Runners who pass through. This is in addition to the roaming Zombies that walk the entire Route from the Finish line to the Starting line.



The Zombie run has always been a very fun and challenging event with more than 1000+ people attending as runners and Zombies, there are a lot of logistics and make-up work involved.

Speaking of make-up, if you are interested in seeing how the (Zombie-Magic happens) we are doing a very small live-stream Live from the Zombierun where we will be doing a small rundown of the various make-up tricks that we use to create our Zombies.

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