Dear Customer 

The Stronghold Master Collection has been marketed as maintenance free, but we have recently learned that the paint finish on the blades will be damaged due to friction caused by the soft density of the foam upon impact. After additional tests, we have found out that a coating of Epic Armoury Maintenance Silicone spray or Protection Gel, reduces this friction and preserves the finish. Marks on the weapons are to be expected, especially the darker tinted ones, after prolonged usage even with a protective coating. But these occur far sooner than they should.

We want to make clear that this issue only affects the paint finish of the blade and not the integrity of the foam itself. This does however, in our eyes, means that we cannot in full honesty say that these swords are maintenance free. We are usually very diligent and thorough with our testing, but this issue was not discovered in our initial product tests, and for that we apologize.

We will no longer be marketing the Stronghold Master Collection as maintenance free. Those of you that have already bought Stronghold Master Collection swords before July 2nd, you will be eligible to either a refund or a compensation as described below. 

To apply for a refund, or a 30% rebate Voucher* on your next purchase from along with a free 100ml Epic Armoury Protection Gel, you must have bought a Stronghold weapon prior to July 2nd. Please read the options and accompanying terms below.

Option 1.

Note: This option not possible in combination with option two. This option is only valid for customers who have bought a Stronghold Master Collection sword(s) prior to July 2nd. This option is offered until the 31st of august 2020. To come in direct contact with us, please write to

Please Mark your email with the subject: "Stronghold Support"

In your email, please state if you are applying for a refund, or a 30% rebate Voucher* for along with a free Epic Armoury Maintenance Silicone or Protection Gel.

Make sure that the following is present in your email:

  • Picture of the receipt with your name
  • Picture of the weapon(s)
  • Your full name
  • Your full home address
  • Phone number (optional)

You will be contacted by our support team for further instructions. 

This information is used to make shipping to and from your residence as smooth as possible. If you are applying for a refund you will receive the full refund on return of the product.

The 100ml Epic Armoury protection gel, will be sent with the order that the Voucher* was used on.

*Only one 30% Voucher per person, and it is only eligible for the person on the receipt. Ownership can not be transferred.

30% rebate Voucher* can be used at only. 

Customers in Australia and New Zealand will receive a 30% rebate Voucher* for



Option 2.

Note: This option not possible in combination with option one.

If you wish to resolve your refund or recieve your free 100ml Epic Armoury protection gel, from your local Stronghold Master Collection reseller, please contact them for further instructions. 



The following Stronghold Master Collection Swords are affected by this compensation:

452401 Arming Sword Steel - 87 cm
452402 Arming Sword Gold - 87 cm
452403 Bastard Sword Steel - 96 cm
452404 Bastard Sword Gold - 96 cm
452405 Dreki Sword Gold - 85 cm
452406 Dreki Sword Steel - 85 cm
452407 Knightly Sword Gold - 87 cm
452408 Knightly Sword Steel - 87 cm
452409 Highborn Sword Gold - 96 cm
452410 Highborn Sword Dark - 96 cm
452412 Highborn Sword Ivory - 96 cm
452413 Marauder Sword Eroded - 96 cm
452501 Arming Sword Steel - 105 cm
452502 Arming Sword Gold - 105 cm
452503 Bastard Sword Steel - 114 cm
452504 Bastard Sword Gold - 114 cm
452505 Dreki Sword Gold - 102 cm
452506 Dreki Sword Steel - 102 cm
452507 Knightly Sword Gold - 105 cm
452508 Knightly Sword Steel - 105 cm
452509 Highborn Sword Gold - 113 cm
452510 Highborn Sword Dark - 113 cm
452512 Highborn Sword Ivory - 113 cm
452513 Marauder Sword Eroded - 107 cm


Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by our negligence in providing an inferior product and marketing it.   


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