Spring Sale Friday the 19th of April at Epic Armoury HQ !

It's happening again, we've been collecting and storing our 3rd quality wares since november and the time has come for another 3rd Quality sale, this time on April the 19th, we call it Spring Sale!. Like last time we will be letting you dive into boxes with a random assortment of items that YOU get the deal of a lifetime on. We like to call it: Find what you like, say what you'll pay.

Make a steal on these quality deals!

Go with René and Brian to see a very small sample of what you can expect during the Spring Sale.

Unlike the Black friday 3rd Quality sale, there will not be a concurrent sale for our normal wares. The 20% off was due to Black Friday and will not return during the Spring Sale this time.

What is 3rd quality?

All of our products are handmade in order to create the quality LARP armour, costumes and props that is the Epic Armoury standard. However, because of their handmade nature, these items can be produced with cosmetic faults. On the occasion where our armour arrives with rusted buckles or an imperfect shape, we offer them at a discounted price instead of throwing them away.

Unlike our 2nd quality items, 3rd quality items can be scraps and bits of armours, incomplete swords, fragile hammers etc. Sometimes you can find a backplate without half of its straps and other times you can find pristine swords that were prototypes that never made it into production. We offer no guarantees on the durability or looks of 3rd quality wares, these can be DIY products that requires some work to be 100% functional, but you can get them at very low prices.

What is The Spring Sale?

The Spring sale is a physical sale where we open up our warehouse for visitors. We place large boxes roughly divided in leather, weapons and metal where you can touch, stretch and feel up any product you like. 

All of the items are either 3rd quality or product samples, so imperfect designs or designs that were cancelled before production and we are selling these items at a bargain.

To make it fun, we also let YOU decide the price, perhaps you find a breastplate that would usually go for 300 euro but since it is missing straps and dented in some areas you only want to give 100 euro for it. 

On top of it being a sale you can also meet many of us working at Epic Armoury and give is suggestions for future products, give us your criticism and complements or see how we work!

What forms of payment do you accept?

 We accept cash and mobilepay, unfortunately we do not accept any form of card payment, as we do not have the necessary terminals for this.

Can I participate online?

 Unfortunately, the 3rd Quality sale is meant as a physical sale, where you can talk to us, while also holding the wares in your own hands in order to see if it's something you'd like.

Can you tell me what is there?

 We don't know what we get as 3rd quality wares and some of the fun of these sales is not knowing what to expect, as such we usually do not tell ahead of time what the majority of the items are, mostly because we aren't completely sure ourselves.

So with all that said and done, there is only one last thing left to ask, will we see you on the 19th of April?

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