Stronghold info spoiler

  • Construction

    The construction of Stronghold swords differ from other role playing versions on the market, because the finished product is made of 4 separate components assembled together. By building a sword in this way, we are able to choose the material of each part to match the functionality of a blade versus a handle. Our Stronghold swords highly value: high security, low energy transfer by impact, durability, low maintenance and a realistic appearance.

    We are able to achieve all these characteristics by building a sword made of different materials, each adding their own strengths to the final product.

  • Blade

    Stronghold blades consist of a simple, yet robust type of foam. The structure of the foam is smooth and uniform, allowing us to create a blade that has a consistent density through the entire length. This means you are guaranteed a soft and safe foam layer around the entire core. The combination of the foam’s light weight and ability to collapse quickly contributes to reduced power transmission when striking your opponent.

  • Handle

    Stronghold handles are made of a heavier and more compact foam than the blade. This gives the user better control of the weapon, putting more weight toward the handle and hand’s fulcrum. This foam also allows for a high level of detail when moulded, which contributes to an impressive and realistic appearance.

  • Core

    The patent-pending Stronghold core consists of a fibreglass rod combined with a patterned shell of hard foam. This combination gives the core more durability inside the sword, while keeping weight low. The core’s superior flexibility also gives it the ability to absorb energy from increasingly harder blows.

  • Tip Reinforcement

    Stronghold sword tips are reinforced to prevent the core tip from breaking through the foam blade. This reinforcement is done using a strengthened plastic tube filled with rubber, which is also intended to regulate potential damage caused by deflecting shields or the edges of armour in combat.

  • Paint

    Stronghold swords are handpainted on the handle and the blade to provide a realistic and beautiful aesthetic. The amount of detail that goes into each sword is of the top quality in the industry.

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