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The Renegade Cuirass is designed to match Epic Armoury’s ‘Renegade’ set, a mercenary inspired armour set that has been designed for specifically female body sizes and types. The Renegade armour is perfect for the well-armed and armoured adventurers or the Rebellious individuals fighting against an unjust empire. Renegade armour is made in such a way that it can also be paired with other Epic Armoury armours in order to grant you endless customization possibilities. To wear the Renegade Cuirass, simply Strap the two leather straps situated on the two backplates, make sure that they are tightly fitted in order to keep the armour firmly in place.

Renegade set includes:

Renegade Choker

The Renegade Choker is a plated choker designed to shield the users neck,. Handcrafted from 1mm thick mild steel, the choker features a curved and soft edged plate and a underlying leather strap that wraps around your neck, providing protection around the front of your neck and agility to move around your head, while also having a neutral look that makes it fit with many different designs. The choker are secured with two vegetable tanned leather strips, offering a secure fit.

Renegade Shoulder

The Renegade Shoulder set is a set of spaulders designed to protect the upper arm, shoulder and face. Handcrafted from 1mm thick mild steel, this shoulder guard features three overlapping plates that provide great protection and movement. The shape of the top plate is specifically designed to deflect hits to the shoulder, while also protecting the face thanks to the curved sword breaker. These plates are attached with vegetable tanned leather and steel rivets.

Renegade Vambraces

The set of Renegade vambraces is designed to shield the wrist and lower arm arm. Handcrafted from 1mm thick mild steel, these vambraces features a malleable plate that wraps around your wrist and arm plate that provide great protection and movement, while also having a neutral look that makes it fit with many different designs. These vambraces are secured with two vegetable tanned leather strips , offering a secure fit while maintaining high mobility.

Renegade Cuirass

The Renegade Cuirass is a torso armour designed to shield the upper chest and waist, along with the lower back. Handcrafted from 1mm thick mild steel, this torso armour features a malleable front plate that provide great protection and movement. The shape of the front plate is specifically designed to be more comfortable for a female player. These plates are attached with vegetable tanned leather to two lower back plates, that can be strapped together to have the torso armour be a combined front and back plate.

Renegade Belt & Tassets

The Renegade Belt & Tasset is a combined belt and tasset, handcrafted from 1mm thick mild steel, offering great protection and agility. The shape of the front plate is specifically designed to protect the upper thigh and lower waist, while also being comfortable for a female player. The belt & tassets consist of a metal belt that loops around your waist with two tassets covering the front each thigh. The tassets connects to the belt with adjustable brass buckles making it easy to adjust each tasset for a perfect fit, you can also easily detach or reattach them if need be. The belt & tasset designs, leaves both the inner thighs and crotch area exposed at the benefit of higher mobility.

Renegade Greaves

The Renegade Greaves are a set of 1mm mild steel leg guards designed to cover the shin and lower front leg, while also maintaining agility. The greaves consist of three metal plates that loops around the front of the shin and front leg. These three metal plates envelope most of your shin and front leg, while having two leather straps, on the upper part of the greave and on the bottom, that can secure themselves around your back leg. Due to the design of the Greaves, you can match them with anyone footwear that you would prefer, offering more comfort than similar design, that has an accompanying footwear.


  • Historically designed with sculpted ridges and overlapping plates to provide reinforced protection and to deflect attacks on a chaotic battlefield
  • The overlapping plates are referred to as ‘lames’

  • Technical details
    • Brand
      Epic Armoury
    • Type
      Complete Set
    • Colour
      Matte Polish
    • Position
      Full Body
    • Fittings
      Leather Straps & Buckles
    • Released
    • Release date
    • Universe
  • Quality

    This product is handmade and hand-painted and therefore unique. As a result, when compared with similar item numbers, this product can have natural deviations in pattern, colour and shape, which are not considered defects or faults.
    We produce our image material in a natural environment, where lighting and surroundings can affect colors and contrast. The displayed images may therefore appear different from the product you receive from us.

    Measurements are all in cm if not stated otherwise.

  • Maintenance

    Epic Armoury metal works products should be treated with a wax or quality acid-free vegetable oil and kept in dry storage. Metal armour containing leather parts would needs a separate maintenance for the leather. Please read the "Leather Straps and Fittings" section below for leather cleaning and maintenance using leather-care products.

    Degreasing and preparing your armour for use

    When you open your armour, you may be overwhelmed by the smell of grease and oil. The oil has been applied to protect your armour during storage and transport. Use a degreasing product or mineral spirits and a dry cloth or paper towels to remove all the oil from your plate armour parts. Chainmail is a bit harder to remove all the oil from the links, but it can be done in much the same way. Wipe off as much as you can with a dry cloth, and with the remaining oil, you can remove the grease from the chainmail with mineral spirits or another solvent by spraying it on the links. You can also choose to fully submerge your chainmail in a degreasing product and use your hands to agitate the metal in the solution, this will completely remove all oil and grease from your links. After removal of the oil, make sure to dry your armour thoroughly. Strong, warm sunlight is great for drying your armour, but you can also use a hairdryer or a heat gun to speed up the process. Be careful not to overheat any leather parts when using a heat gun.


    Moisture is the enemy of armour and chainmail. If your armour does get wet, it is important that you dry it thoroughly as soon as possible. After handling, wearing, or after six months of storage or display, all metal should be wiped with a clean cloth. Lightly oil the clean surface with a quality acid-free vegetable oil. Alternatively, you can apply a coating of wax to the entire surface of the exposed metal. Allow the wax to dry for a couple of hours and then buff it lightly with a soft cloth.

    Rust-Prevention and Removal

    Store your armour is a dry place and check it every couple of months for signs of rust. If any is found, remove it by gently rubbing the affected spot with a mildly abrasive pad dipped in wax or quality acid-free vegetable oil. Epic Dark products are specially treated to resist rust, but should still be treated with oil and kept in dry storage.

    Leather Straps and Fittings

    Clean by removing dirt with a hard brush, then gently rub on leather soap with a clean, damp cloth until the leather appears clean. Remove soap with a separate damp cloth to wipe away any soap residue and then use a dry cloth to wipe away any remaining water from the leather.

    You should always condition leather after cleaning, since the soap will have removed some of its natural oils. Treat the leather with mink oil, olive oil, or beeswax polish with a clean cloth, gently rubbing a small amount of oil or polish in circles into the leather. Allow the leather to soak in the oil before wiping the leather with a final clean cloth to remove any excess residue.

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