Scout Arm Guards - Polished Steel

Defiant, Epic Armoury
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One hand holds firm, the other moves upwards... That is the rythme that you find comfortable as you scale the canopy of the large tree, looking upwards for a moment you scout around for the next outcropping, silently thanking the gods for giving you the foresight to carry arm guards instead of gauntlets.

Thanks to your simple and lightweight gear, including your Scout Arm guards, you manage to stay mobile and out of trouble, but such is the lot in life for a scout.


Epic Armoury’s Scout Arm Guards are a set of mild steel arm guards designed to protect the front your forearm. Each arm guard consists of one plate, secured together using sturdy, but flexible straps of leather. The arm guards are made from 1mm steel, forged to fit comfortably over the front of your forearm from your wrist to your elbow joint . .

These Scout Arm guards are designed to fit comfortably over your forearm , secured with and adjustable double leather band around he upper mid and lower mid of the armguard.. Made from polished mild steel with rolled edges, these arms guards are practical and affordable. With its low-fantasy and neutral appearance, these Scout Leg guards are easily paired with other Epic Armoury metal works.

Available in Polished Steel and Epic Dark


  • In some cultures, arm guards were an integral part of combat, used as a tool to deflect incoming blows
  • Still used today in many sports including soccer and american football among others
  • Typically used by light infantry that required mobility and ease of movement over defence.

  • Technical details
    • Brand
      Epic Armoury
    • Type
      Forearm Armour
    • Colour
      Polished Steel
    • Position
    • Fittings
      Leather Straps & Buckles
    • Ring Size
      1mm/19 Gauge
    • Released
    • Release date
    • Universe
  • Quality
    • Made from 1mm/19 gauge thick mild steel
    • Rolled edges with no sharp edges
    • Straps and fittings made from top-grain leather
    • Hand made, welded pieces for maximum durability
    • Polished steel finish
  • Maintenance
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