#LARPerspotlight returns in a new and improved format, as you can see, we've moved ourselves onto our own website and instead of a facebook post, we now have a literal page assigned to each of our LARPerspotlights where we intend to do a deep dive on the costume but also the person behind the costume and ask them about their own Larping experiences as well as their thought process, regarding the costume that we have on the spotlight. 

 Marie-Eve Lacasse

Welcome back to another edition of LARPerspotlight and this time we are going to Canada for our next spotlight.

Meet Marie-Eve! A 22-year-old French-Canadian, full-time geography student whose hobbies revolve around roleplay and trading card games and has been a LARPer for about 6 years.  who made her very cool character Isil Lumma Nefyn’thil, a free-spirited elven jack-of-all-trades type of individual.

We absolutely loved the look and the same what mixing and matching nature of Isil that we wanted to know more about Marie-Eve and to see why and how she made the outfit the way that she did.

Marie-Eve describes her start with Larp in this way :

“In high school, one of my friend started larping way before our group of friend did, and I used to think it was such a weird hobby to have! One day, I realised how bad it was of me to judge, a friend, and an activity I had never tried, just because it was unusual, and most people at our school considered it to be dumb. So I decided to go, and 1 hour into my first larp, I knew I wouldn’t stop anytime soon. In reality, I found an amazing hobby at the same time as learning a pretty important life lesson. I still larp with him and other high school friends to this day!”

The costume creation was there from the start, as Marie-Eve puts it.

Mostly from the beginning, my mom used to be a full-time seamstress, and after she made my first larp costume, she taught me how to sew, and I helped more and more. Now, I mostly make the accessories, and some pieces, but she still helps me a lot, and sometimes even makes me full-blown really complex pieces.”

Which shows from the complexity and small touches that we can see on marie’s outfit, although we were very curious about her inspiration...

Isil Lumma Nefyn’thil, jack-of-all-trades, daughter of pirates

In Marie's own words, Isil very much a character created for a specific LARP and goes further into detail to explain her process and overall concept...

"In the larp this costume was used for, the common elves were known as Idéirs. They were fearless adventurers, that sailed the seas to great discoveries. Knowing that, I wanted to add elven elements to a pirate or nomad costume, and also add elements of all the travels my character would’ve done. In fact, this is why she carries so many trinkets on her bag and her belt. I also carried a wooden box with random items, and a whole herbalist kit, with herbs from all around the world. I really love these kinds of random tiny details in costumes, so I made a point to have a story to tell about everything I carried."

Although she cannot remember how long it took to create the entire costume, many of the pieces were leftovers from earlier costumes, which actually adds a layer of authenticity to the entire piece, which we absolutely adore

 A cloth not wasted

This Segways into one of the most difficult aspects of the costumes for Marie

“Without joking, holding everything together! Then more trinkets you wear, the more they’ll move around when you run.” Which is something that we here at Epic Armoury can relate to and we are sure that many of you can too.

This particular outfit isn't just one of many characters, it has a very special meaning for Marie-Eve

“This was actually one of the first skirts I made, and still the one I am most proud of to this day. I sometimes even wear it casually.” We do not think that you can give costumes, higher honors than wearing them as normal clothes.

Unfortunately The LARP, that Marie made the costume for, closed down. Of course it was a sad moment, but she was still very proud of the the character saying: “(…) I will surely be using these costume pieces again, since most of my costume wardrobe is  made to be mix and match!” Which is something we are very big fans of, modularity in character outfits! And is a rather beautiful idea, carrying something with all the characters that we played before, in some form or another...


With that we wrap up this edition of Larperspotlight, we would like to thank Marie-Eve once again for wanting to share with us, her wonderful outfit!

We hope you enjoyed this edition of #larperspotlight If you want to be featured like this, you can send a message to us via facebook on epicarmoury. 

Photos By

Philippe Rochette

Special Thanks

Marie-Eve Lacasse's mother, for helping her design the costume!




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