The Holiday season is a very hectic period when it comes to package delivery and as such, delivery of such packages might take longer than usual. This is especially important if you want a package to arrive before the 24th or 25th of December.

At most, when you order from us, we will pack and send the order within 2 business days, however most of the time we will send the package the same day as we receive it.

After sending it, you will receive a track and trace code that you can use to keep track of your package.

Because of the holiday you should expect an extra time on all deliveries, regardless of where they are headed this extra time can range from everything from a few days to an extra week.

Below is a table that shows the normal delivery time for some of the most common countries we ship to. Be aware that this is the normal average delivery time, and these times schedules may be widely different during peak periods like the Holiday Season



Average delivery time during non-peak periods after being shipped from warehouse


1-2 Business days


2-3 Business days


3-4 Business days


3-4 Business days


4-6 Business days


4-6 Business days


If you are from another country than those listed, and wish to know about the average shipping time to your country, write us on


Our best suggestion is, that if you want to buy gear to be used as presents, then the sooner you order it, the higher the chance will be of you receiving it before December 24th or 25th

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