At Epic Armoury, we create many different forms of weapons, from swords to axes to spears to bows.

We know that Larping and the use of weapons are as different as there are people on the earth and in order to give you the best choices in regards to your choice of weapon, we have different construction methods that cater to different types of LARPs. These construction methods change the handling, hardness, detailing and of each weapon and is a way for you to find the weapon that is just right for your needs.



Our softest weapon construction, since the pommel and cross guard section is made from our soft and durable closed cell epic foam, which is also used for the blades. This weapon is covered with a thick coat of latex. These weapons are often light weight and have a very soft strike at the cost of some control and detail on the grip and cross guard.  


Our most popular weapon construction combining the soft and durable blade technology from our Classic line, with the moulded handle construction of our Stronghold line. The foam in the handle section is heavier and harder than that used in the blade, providing you excellent control. The hybrids combined the soft EVA foam from the classic line with the fine detailing and weighting of the grip and cross guard, from the Moulded series to create a fine blend between softness, detail and control that has a strike area that is very soft, but a cross guard area that is harder than compared to the classic line due to it being PU foam rather than latex.


Our most durable weapon construction, which is also maintenance free. All parts of this weapon are created by moulded foam. The handle section is made using a harder foam compared to the blade. This weapon is latex free.

Weapon group diagrams

The following diagrams show how our different weapon groups are constructed and gives a good indication of the general build of all the different weapon groups.





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