The Fighter’s Leg Protection

When you’re a giant--or the people you are fighting are just very small--it is a good idea to remember your greaves. After all, they always seem to go for the shins! Equip a pair of Epic Armoury leather greaves as a lightweight and natural way to fend off such attacks.

These collections of greaves includes a diverse selection of handcrafted armour that will protect your LARP character’s lower legs. While platemail would provide more protection, our leather LARP gear provides active players a well-designed, cost competitive solution for the battlefield. A set of leather greaves is a great addition for armour-wear, easily transforming a good costume into a better one.

Construction of Epic Armoury Greaves

Whether you require the armour of a noble or the distressed gear of a fighter, Epic Armoury uses the best suitable material for each handmade design. You’ll find that our hard leather plate products are typically made from vegetable-tanned, full-grain quality leather. The result is a durable, high-quality armour that maintains it shape and is resistant to water. Epic Armoury's Ready for Battle and rugged designs are made using chrome-tanned split leather, providing a more flexible product at an economical price.


Straps and fittings are made from natural, top-grain quality leather--a strong option with more flexibility than its full-grain counterpart--so you get the best fit when wearing your armour. We stitch around the edges of our greaves with strong thread to strengthen its structural stability and increase its lifetime.

Any colour added to the leather is dyed into the material itself and not painted on top, minimizing the risk of staining your costume or LARP gear.

The History of Greaves

The word ‘greave’ comes from the Old French word ‘greve,’ which means “shin,” or “shin armour.” This sort of protection was considered important due to the fact that the shin is vulnerable to attacks that would render the fighter completely immobile--a dangerous handicap on a battlefield!

Greaves would typically be made from plate and were padded with felt to disperse the effects of a blow. A closed greave would wrap around the shin and the back of the calf, while a schynbald would only protect the shin itself. Poleyns, which were often attached to the greaves, were developed to add protection to the knees beginning in the early 1200s.

There is major dispute regarding the historical accuracy of leather plate armour, but there is some evidence of it being used for horses, tournaments, and for infantry. Regardless, we love the way it looks and feels at a LARP, and so we are happy to provide the option!

Maintenance of our Leather Greaves

Made from real leather, expect Epic Armoury greaves to last you a long time with proper care. These products are very durable, but require regular maintenance with leather care products to stay flexible and to increase its life-time. Make sure your products are kept dry when stored. Let wet leather dry naturally before treating. If frequently wet and dry, increase frequency of maintenance.

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