A Wizards faithful companion

"Every wizard needs something to channel their magical energies. Granted there are a scant few individuals, who can channel this immense energy without any sort of catalyst, but for the remainder of us mere mortals, we must contend with our wands, the lifeblood of any wizard."

Epic Armoury's Wand line is something that we had wanted to do for quite some time, the lead time for these wands were almost a year. With the actual release of our wands, we wanted to take you with us through the design process with Lars, the principal designer of the wands and hear his thoughts, ideas and struggles with getting these wands to the point where they are now.

How are they built?

Wands come in two different flavours, a two part wand with a PU grip and a wooden core and one with a bendable steel core.

The two part wand with a Wooden Core

The wooden core Wand is made from varnished wood and polyurethane foam. The handle itself is a foam cast that slides onto a stick sitting 15cm into the foam sleeve. Your hand should feel comfortable around the foam sleeve’s spiraled ergonomic shape, and there’s a nubbed grip for an ideal finger rest. 

The one part wand with a Bendable steel core

The Druid Wand is made from polyurethane foam around a bendable steel core. Your hand should feel comfortable against the dark wood texture, and there’s a raised band specifically added along the wand for an ideal finger rest.

Wand Interview with Lars Bundvad

With the release of the wands, we sat down with Lars Bundvad, der primary wand designer and asked him about the thought process of starting the wands and how they are designed and made.



While we do love the way that our wands have turned out and are very proud of the colour scheming of the first batch of different wands, we also want to give you the option to be able to put your own spin on the wands. To help with this, we will be selling both wands in different kind so of wood, length and even uncoloured sleeves, so you can design a wand that is  uniquely yours.

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