If you are using our product descriptions, maintenance or quality texts on your website, there is a chance that you might be 'punished' in SEO by google.

By punished we mean that you will get a lower rating on google searches and your index number might be lower etc. To avoid this, we highly suggest making use of the Canonical links feature.

rel=canonical <link>-tag

By tagging up each page, you protect yourself from being punished by Google for duplicating content. Instead, you tell Google that Epic Armoury is the rightful owner and author of the content.

Specifically, you will want to tag each product page with a tag that points to the specific, corresponding product page at

For example, let's say you have used the text from the Chain Skirt product at ( on your own product page (

Then, you should tag this specific product page with the following code:

<link rel="canonical" href="" />  

The code must be placed in the head-section of the product page."

Above is only applicable when using using product texts owned by Epic Amoury and we highly suggest that you do it, as to not get needlessly punished by Google's index algorithmes.

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