Draw your bow and let loose a volley of arrows!

If you are playing an archer at your next Live Action Roleplay (LARP), the bow is likely the most important purchase when it comes to larp [archery] accessories. A ranger without a bow is like a soldier without his sword--not much more than a living shield for the next person! Don’t arrive on the battlefield with only a handful of [arrows]. They’re not very good throwing weapons, and likely against your game’s archery rules. Or so we’d assume. 



Archery History

Archery is one of the oldest forms of weaponry. Used in cultures all over the world, bows and arrows predate recorded history--allowing our prehistoric ancestors to hunt the most dangerous beasts. The oldest remains of this weapon were found in Germany and date over 17,000 years ago! 


The bow has been a mainstay in human society and warfare for over 17.000 years and has one of the most basic and fundamental human inventions along with the spear and the wheel. Used across the world, the bow has had as many flavours as the culture that used them, from the samurai of feudal japan and their sharpshooting half-bows, to the horse riding mongols with their horse bows and all the way the Longbow archers of feudal England, the bow has been a centerpiece of warfare.


It would take a long time before the bow was replaced, although the reason for it’s replacement was not due to increased firepower, which certainly was a factor, but it was the fact that training an archer was a long and arduous task that could take several years. With the advent of the crossbow, the training time for a soldier to be effective was reduced significantly and the requirements for soldiers could be lowered, effectively increasing the available manpower, which was an important commodity to the nations of the renaissance and early enlightenment age. The advent of mass produced firearms decreased the time to even less and made the bow completely obsolete in mass infantry formations.


While a mainstay in hunting, the bow is still used in several militaries around the world. Used as a useful scouting and survival tool, the stealthy nature of the bow and the ability to retrieve ammo has made it widely used among forward operating scouts and special forces. 


The bows that we usually think of, when we hear that word, have traditionally been made from wood, horn, and sinew. The bow strings were made from flax, silk, hemp, or animal hides. Just as items advanced, so did the bow, being made from carbon fiber, aluminium with rubber grips and stabilizers, the bow of today is lightyears ahead, in terms of comfort and platform stability than what they would be able to construct beforehand. 


While relegated to niché the bow is a weapon and a tool that will always have a place, wherever humans live and will live, you can be certain that a bow will not be far away.


Using a bow in LARP is very much like using a bow anywhere else, the same skills apply and are translated almost 1 to 1. Most LARP arrows are buffered in such a way that they will not hurt when they hit someone, but in some LARP campaigns shooting for the head or other sensitive areas is still prohibited. Also, while swords and other items are usually made of Latex, bows tend to be made of wood or carbon fiber, this means that there are strict rules against using bows as a melee weapon or even blocking. 

Bows can be a powerful tool in LARP but depending on where you play, different rules may apply, be sure to ask around your local LARP Campaign for the specifics on bows in LARP.

Construction of our Bows

Epic Armoury’s collection includes both simple and compound bows, constructed using one or two layers of material laminated together. The result is a wide variety of recurve bows, flatbows, and longbows to meet your archery needs. Each bow is designed to be practical, durable, and beautifully handcrafted by qualified professionals. They are predominantly made from wood or fibreglass, some with suede or smooth leather grips.

Safe LARP gear is important to us, so we only offer bows with a lower draw weight designed to specifically fire a [LARP arrow]. These 24-26 lb. bows will withstand continued use while not having enough force to injure your friends--so long as you use them as intended. 

Remember to play responsibly and never aim arrows at your fellow players' head, keeping safety in mind in combination with our own archery equipment safety measures.

To meet your archery equipment needs, Epic Armoury's Bow collection includes a wide selection of handcrafted bows in various styles and designs. We recommend trying some out at your local LARP shop to get a feel for what works best for you, as your height, strength, and fighting style can affect which bow works best for you! Whether you desire a [classic longbow], or the [uniquely shaped LARP horsebow], we have many options to fit your one-of-a-kind Larp character.

Maintenance of our Bows

When not in use, keep your bow unstrung to increase its life. Store the bow horizontally in order to protect the nocks. Do not leave it in the sun for long periods of time, as this can weaken the material and risk breakage. If you do allow the bow to warm up, make sure it cools down before use. Never release the string without an arrow, since the shock of the shot will be absorbed by the bow and might cause damage.


In order to clean your bow, use a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt and then wipe dry. Simple as that! The only thing you might have to worry about is the string, which may eventually appear ratty or worn. Replace the string when this happens. Strings are cheaper than replacing a broken bow from a string snapping!


If you want to increase the life of your string, you can add a little bit of wax. Wax will protect the string from moisture while also keeping the threads together.

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