The Ancient Universe

A Professional Soldier

You are one of the elite in the world’s most advanced society. Your standard of living far exceeds what the savages to the north can expect. With a democracy and a military to be reckoned with, the army you serve is the most powerful force in the world.

You serve Rome as a professional heavy infantryman of the Roman Army: a Roman Legionary. You enlisted in your legion almost twenty-three years ago, and you are both relieved and anxious to know you have only a few years left. After twenty-five years, you will finally be granted your praemia of 5000 denarii and a plot of land to begin your farm.

It will be the beginning of a new life for your family.

As you double-check that your military-issued Roman Sword and dagger are securely in their holders, you feel prepared alongside your fellow soldiers to go into battle. You just hope that your intensive training will continue to serve you well. At the very least, you have confidence in the sharpness of your weapon and reliability of your armour.

What is an Ancient?

Epic Armoury’s Ancient Universe is a line of larp fashion, props and weapons designed to equip characters predating the first millennium. This sturdy collection is constructed to be reliable and strong when you are on the front lines, roleplaying with your fellow soldiers. You’ll find all the tools you need for war in this Ancient arsenal, featuring classic historical designs inspired by ancient cultures, such as the Roman Empire and Greece. The Ancient Universe makes use of red and gold, giving these products a rich and regal appearance when you need to show off your wealth.

Ancient historical armour, clothing, props and weaponry will transform you into a well-trained and effective soldier. The Ancient are pristine and hardy infantrymen who have made a career out of war. Dressed in armour and armed with weapons from the Ancient Universe, your Spartan soldier or Roman Gladiator LARP character will be feared on the battlefield and in the Arena.

Your Ancient Character

If you enjoy roleplaying a character who is strong, militaristic, and based on ancient history--the Ancient Universe may be a good fit for you. This particular costuming features shiny metal and bright colours, trimmed and shaped to be utilitarian, but with a definite flare. The Ancient has a heart of a Roman fighter, efficient and professional. You dress in simple plate with supplemented chain to protect the joints, and your helmet is plumed and impressive. In your arsenal you have a Scythian horsebow, leaf blade and oval shield.

Begin your Ancient costume with our Roman Tunic or Odin Shirt with their powerful cuts and simplicity. Finish with our Roman Legion Armour (traditionally called a lorica segmentata) and Troy Helmet to give your character a legendary appearance that will strike fear in the hearts of those still yet to be conquered. Whether you are a soldier of the Legion, or a philosopher of Rome, Epic Armoury products are a great solution when customizing your unique historical character.


The Ancient Universe is inspired by ancient cultures, including Ancient Rome and Greece. A Roman Legionnaire would be issued a standard set of armour, weapons, and tools on his march into enemy territory. Ancient larp gear is inspired by this list of tools and reports of what a typical soldier might wear during times of war.

A legionary would be expected to carry his lorica segmentata, shield, helmet, two javelins, a short sword, a dagger, a pair of heavy sandals, a marching pack, about 14 days worth of food, a waterskin, cooking equipment, two stakes, and a shovel. That’s a lot of equipment for someone to carry for miles and miles of travel! Because of this, many Ancient Universe products are especially durable.

It would be especially bad form to travel all the way to far off lands, only to have your armour fall apart when you get there!


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