The Ancestral Universe

The Lone Samurai

Your katana and wakizashi were handed to you by your master, many years ago. It had been a bittersweet moment for you, because while it meant you had overcome all obstacles in your training as a samurai, it also meant that it was time to set out on your own.

You find the hard leather along the handles comforting, your hand finding its usual well-worn grip. Your sword and dagger are your only consistent companions.

As the sun begins to descend beyond the horizon, you finish your camp for the night. Your fire is warm and fresh fish now cooks, sizzling in the heat over the hot coals. You remove your armour and then your Jinbaori, carefully inspecting and folding the garment.

It is of the utmost importance that you maintain a pristine uniform. To look sloppy implies that your discipline is lacking--and by that logic, your swordsmanship must be, too. Instead of risking such dishonor to your reputation, you take the care that is necessary. There will not be a thread out of place.

You look beyond the campfire, looking to the flickering shadows along the treeline. You have the sense that tonight you and your sword may once again be tested, and your grip returns to your katana in anticipation.

What is an Ancestral?

Epic Armoury’s Ancestral Universe is a line of LARP fashion and products inspired by the rich cultural history of East Asia. This sleek collection features a fantasy twist on traditional weapons and garb. You´ll find loose fitting and flexible gear, made with natural materials that are laced and tied together. The Ancestral line also features high quality metal armour befitting a warrior. Above all, however, is the well equipped arsenal--including many blades inspired by the katana, wakizashi, nodachi, jian, dao, and the shuriken.

Ancestral LARP armour, clothing, props and weaponry will transform you into an honorable samurai or a deadly ninja assassin. The Ancestrals are highly effective warriors who wear only the finest armour and use only the sharpest of weapons. Finesse triumphs over strength in this collection, relying on accuracy and dexterity over the brutal force of a heavy axe or mace.

Your Ancestral Character

For those who love to roleplay a character who is disciplined and deadly, the Ancestral Universe is a unique solution for your LARP.  The Ancestral has spent their entire life living the art of their craft, and their arsenal of weapons is filled with only the most sharp swords, daggers, and throwing knives. Your costume features deep red and dark black fabric, accented with gold. Your armour is predominantly leather, but golden brass and dark galvanized metal plate still protect your most vulnerable areas. You hide your face behind masks and pointed helms. No one knows you are coming until you are right upon them.


Begin your Ancestral samurai costume with our Black Kimono, Black Samurai Pants, and Dark Red/Gold Jin Baori with their loose fit and clean lines. Finish with our Red Samurai Armour and Nodachi to give your samurai an advantage on the battlefield. Whether you desire the efficiency of a well-trained samurai, or like to incorporate Asian-inspired themes in your high-fantasy LARP gear, Epic Armoury products are a great choice when customizing your roleplay character.



The Ancestral Universe is inspired by the rich cultural history of East Asia. Asia as a whole incorporates many different nationalities, societies, and ethnic groups--each subregion as different as the next. The Ancestral collection is predominantly based on historical Japan.

Feudal era Japan was marked by the emergence of samurai from about 1200 A.D. until the mid 1800s. The samurai were the military-nobility and officer-caste who followed “The Way of the Warrior,” a philosophy that encouraged honor and a sense of duty, with no fear of pain or death.

The Ancestrals encompass this sort of warrior caste, as well as their fiction-embellished ninja counterpart.


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